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Julie Dom

Some time ago, a very wise person gave me an advice. Back then, I was looking for my place in this world ever doubting my work as a writer. “If you can refrain from writing – don’t write” – was the sonorous piece that echoed in my ears.

I pondered long and hard and decided that I could not “not to be”. That is the most comprehensive account of how I resolved to do what I do, how I talk to people, how I love them and, hopefully help them through my books.

When life is a constant learning, one always asks questions. I hope you will find some answers on my pages, because I am determined to never stop trying to decipher life’s most cherished secrets. What can be more invigorating than this search!

Life must be interesting; there is no “but”. Live, read, learn, and never lose faith in yourself. Befriend your children, share everything with your parents, love child inside you!

For my part, I promise to keep doing all those thing myself and be as happy as I can.


Have you ever wonder how many mysteries lieout there? Can someone really solve all of them? Well, perhaps a more usual kidwould love unexplainable marvels around him. But that’s not the case with arather special boy of eleven Dominic Dubrovsky. What this boy loves iscontrolling things, cracking codes of astrangeness, illuminating obscurity! Helives in the world where strict logic rules, and unfathomable is nothing. He’s determinedto decipher life, right until the moment when he finds himself amongthe most puzzling and wonderful events.

Order the book!

Absorb into the world of unforgettable adventures. All the fun is just the beginning…

Do you remember your dreams?

All children love mysteries, Dominique – solves them